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Poses For Artists Book Set - Volumes 1-4
That’s over 500 pages of organized poses to help spark your imagination.

> $30 Ebook Set (PDF):  https://gum.co/4EbookSet

Poses for ArtistsPose Reference Books

Simplified poses to help improve your art!

Choose an Edition & Format to Purchase:

Volume 1 - Dynamic and Sitting Poses
$14.95 Paperback (B&W, 110pgs AMAZON)
$8.00 Digital Ebook PDF (B&W, 110pgs GUMROAD)  

Volume 2 - Standing Poses
$14.99 Paperback (B&W, 140pgs AMAZON)
$8.00 Digital Ebook PDF (B&W, 140pgs GUMROAD)

Volume 3 - Fighting & Various Poses

$14.95 Paperback (B&W, 180pgs AMAZON)
$11.00 Digital Ebook PDF (COLOR B&W, 180pgs GUMROAD)

Volume 4 - Couples Poses

$14.99 Paperback (B&W, 110pgs AMAZON)
$11.00 Digital Ebook PDF (COLOR, 110pgs GUMROAD)





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Justin R Martin is American author and artist. He is best known for founding an active community of creatives via his blog PoseReference.Tumblr.com. He continues to share his simplified poses online, inspiring tens of thousands of people to pick up a pencil or stylus and create new art. In his heart, he believes that helping to empower artists makes the world a better place.

Incomplete Thoughts
Original Art and Poses by Justin Martin – 2015 Denver Comic-Con Edition
- $25 Paperback - GreyStripe & 40 Bonus Poses (Amazon)