NFT Collectibles

My NFT collectible art is available exclusively through Gallery1111 on OpenSea!

If you're thinking wtf is an NFT, they're a solid digital art investment that supports artists directly, may increase in value, and can be resold. They're limited in number, or even unique, and are verified as original by the Ethereum blockchain.

"Overall, NFTs have given artists more autonomy, allowing them to both produce whatever art they'd like, and select where the art will be sold. To the latter point, selling NFTs inherently presents a financial advantage that can't be found in the "traditional" art world: artists can receive royalties when their work has been resold."

PoseMuse Limited Edition Collectible Cards

Artist, Justin R. Martin

10 cards in the first pack, 10 of each exist:

  • Card 01 Female Standing Pose >

  • Card 02 Male Standing Pose >

  • Card 03 Female Standing Pose >

  • Cards 004-010: Releasing in March 2021


Artist, Justin R. Martin


If you want to know how to purchase or bid on my NFT's below, but here are the steps:

  1. Get a free account on

  2. Get the Metamask Wallet extension for your web browser on

  3. When you're on, click on the Metamask icon in the top right of your browser to connect your wallet to Rarible.

  4. Add Etherium to you Metamask Wallet (or another accepted cryptocurrency).

  5. Go to my gallery and select an item that you want to bid on or purchase. Follow the steps.

  6. Download the Metamask phone app, login and view your purchased items under "collectibles.